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Americans with Disabilities Act Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is a Reasonable Accommodation?
    • Reasonable accommodation is a modification or an adjustment to a job or the work environment that will enable a qualified applicant or employee with a disability to participate in the application process or to perform essential job functions. Reasonable accommodation also includes adjustments to assure that a qualified individual with a disability has rights and privileges in employment equal to those of nondisabled employees.
  • What are some examples of Reasonable Accommodations?
    • Making existing facilities accessible;
    • Job restructuring;
    • Part-time or modified work schedules;
    • Acquiring or modifying equipment;
    • Changing tests, training materials, or policies;
    • Reassignment to a vacant position
  • What paperwork do I need to fill-out?
    • You can request the County’s ADA paperwork from your supervisor, manager, or HR.  If you request a reasonable accommodation they are required to provide the paperwork. 
  • Can my employer refuse to meet my accommodation?
    • It depends on the request.  Legally, an employer is not required to eliminate an essential function of a job as a part of the ADA process.  However, they can choose to do so and they can make accommodations to allow you to perform essential functions.  If you are concerned whether your accommodation will be granted please contact your Business Agent. 
  • How are ADA accommodations determined?
    • Through the ‘interactive process’ an informal meeting between the worker, the employer, and representatives from the disability compliance office.  Workers can request their Business Agent attend the meeting with them. 
  • How long do I have to work before I am eligible for an ADA accommodation?
    • There is no work requirement.  You may submit ADA paperwork requesting an accommodation at any point. 
  • My supervisor gave me ADA paperwork, but I do not feel I need it.  Do I have to fill it out? 
    • No, it is your choice to fill out the paperwork.  Policy requires supervisors and managers to provide ADA paperwork in certain circumstance, but it is your choice to fill it out.  If you have questions please contact your Business Agent.
  • I think my disability will no longer allow me to do my job.  Will I be out of work if I file ADA paperwork?
    • Not necessarily, under the ADA it is possible to transfer to another position that does not require the same essential functions.  Each ADA situation is different and you should contact your Business Agent prior to submitting ADA paperwork to hear your options.

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