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UPE News Item

Negotiations Update

April 22, 2022


UPE 008 Bargaining Team Declares Impasse


After a long month of being put off by the County, your UPE 008 Bargaining Team met with the County on April 22, 2022. UPE hoped the sides could make major movement towards a fair and equitable contract.  Instead, the County continued to demonstrate how little they value their employees. The County countered with inadequate cost of living increases that fail to address the sky-rocketing cost of living, rejected UPE’s proposal for equity adjustments, proposed a change to the social worker classifications that would see a reduction in pay for workers with a master’s degree, and offered across the board rejections to nearly all UPE’s outstanding monetary proposals.

 The County negotiations team made it clear that they do not have the authority from the Board of Supervisors to offer UPE members a fair and livable contract. The County was also unwilling to meet earlier than two weeks in order to continue bargaining. Rather than continue to drag out the negotiations process or caving to the County’s unacceptable proposals, your UPE 008 Bargaining Team declared impasse and requested the parties move to mediation.  

Your UPE Bargaining Team calls on all members to join them on April 27th at 5:30 pm for a rally at the Board of Supervisors meeting. The Board of Supervisors needs to hear from their workers how important a fair and equitable contract is to them. Be there…


Together We Are Strong!.


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