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Meet and Confer Update


Merced Unit 3

Language Changes to Paralegal Classification


    On May 12, 2022, United Public Employees (UPE) met with Merced County District Attorneys (DA) Office regarding the proposed modifications being made to the paralegal classifications. UPE expressed concern over the vague proposed changes to the job specifications. Disputing each change and clarifying the extent of any added job duties to the Paralegal classification. In concluding the Meet and Confer, it is UPE’s understanding as follows:


  • The Paralegal classification will be utilized as subject matter experts for the following classifications; Office Assistance III, Legal Secretary, Legal Process Clerk, Legal Assistant.
  • Paralegals will train the above listed classifications. If the Paralegals lack the knowledge or ability to train any of the above classifications, they are to notify the Director of Administrative Services, Sara Miller, for further direction. 
  • Paralegals shall not make any recommendations for disciplinary action, counseling memos, or any other adverse actions.
  • Paralegals will not be providing or assisting in any evaluations of the above listed classifications. 
  • Paralegals may act as a technical resource as it pertains to the interpretation of the law, code, and any other legal document or cites. 
  • Paralegals may prioritize and manage some workload processes as it pertains to training and recommend methods to prioritize or manage workload.
  • Paralegals will not approve any vacation or sick leave.
  • Any above classification will not train another employee if there is no training requirement within the said classification.

If you have any questions, please contact UPE Business Agent, Natalya Kalinovskiy by email at Kalinovskiy@upe1.org.

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