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 These trainings are for any member who is interested in learning more about their rights and how to make a difference in their workplace. Stewards meet the third Thursday of each month:

9333 Tech Center Dr. STE 300

Sacramento, CA 95826

2023 Stewards Schedule


2022 UPE Board Elections

The results are in for the 008 Welfare Non-Supervisory Unit election! 

Service Chapter: 

Beverly Kearney - 29% 

Priscilla Cochran-Navarra - 23%

Eric Booker - 26%

Kristina West - 26%

Eligibilty Chapter:

Nichole Gorman - 55% 

Thank you to all of our members who participated in this year's election! 

UPE will annouce the names & seats for ALL Governing Boards after January 1st, 2023.

Please contact the union office with any questions.

(916) 736-9503 or info@upe1.org 

UPE Members of the Month!

UPE Recognizes & Appreciates Your Support!

2021 Member Appreciation

------------------------ 2022 Member Appreciation ----- ------------------




 Know Your Rights

It is imperative that you know your employee rights in order to ensure equal treatment and fairness in the workplace. As a public employee, you have rights that are granted through your union contract, state and federal law, and workplace policies. UPE's staff and member-leaders have...



 DHA 008 Meet & Confer Update

CalWORKs Intake Service Center

On January 9, 2023, UPE and DHA resumed their meet and confer over the CW Intake Service Center. DHA provided a live demo of the new LIMS and SMART process and answered questions related to the changes.

UPE continues to have concerns with the rotation process and the timeframe each worker will be assigned to the same function. Under the new ‘Service Center’ model, the Department will be...


 005/008 Meet and Confer Update


December 14, 2022

On December 14, 2022, UPE and DHA continued to meet and confer over the planned transition to CAL-SAWs in October 2023.  DHA provided UPE with an overview of some of the planned changes to the phone system.

The new phone system will include a number of new functions.  First, it will allow clients the option to receive a call-back rather than waiting on hold and an opportunity to schedule a call-back if they call when the phone lines are closed.  These new features will...



Sutter Superior Court

Contract Negotiations

On November 16, 2022, UPE and your Court bargaining team finalized the bargaining process by holding a ratification vote.

     Our members had the opportunity to be part of this process by casting their votes, and we are happy to report that 100% of those votes were in favor of ratification. The contract is slated to take effect on the first full pay period of December, so there will be a change to your wages.

     UPE would like to thank the bargaining team members, Jennifer Lambert, Shara Hunter, Tucker Waldon, and Warren Simpson, for their hard work and support during this process. This team understood the needs of their colleagues, and without them, this process would have been a difficult undertaking.


UPE Wins Weekend Shift Differential Grievance

As a result of a recent grievance UPE filed regarding the Weekend Shift Differential, all 008 Social Workers, FSW’s and CDS’s shall receive back pay for hours worked on Saturday and/or Sunday from pay period 21 to current. The previous pay periods were already paid out in the September 30, 2022 paycheck.

However, the County failed to process the weekend shift premium effective pay period 21, which prompted UPE’s grievance. Back pay will be reflected by the November 23, 2022 paycheck.

To receive the weekend shift differential moving forward, be sure to use premium code 82 for all hours worked on Saturday and or Sunday in accordance with section 7.6 b of the 008 contract.

If you have any issues, please be sure to contact UPE.   



005/008 Meet & Confer: DHA Lobby Capacity

October 10, 2022

On October 7, 2022, UPE and DHA concluded their meet and confer regarding increasing lobby capacity to 100%. The Department wants to return to 100% lobby capacity and, at the meeting, pointed out that there are no local, state, or federal guidelines calling for reduced capacity. UPE expressed our concern...



 DHA 008 Meet and Confer Update

Cal-Works Intake Service Center

December 14, 2022

On December 14, 2022, UPE and DHA resumed their meet and confer over the CW Intake Service Center after a six-month hiatus while the Department worked with D-Tech on changes to LIMS and SMART.  As a reminder, the Department plans to change the way CW intake and lobbies function.

Under the new ‘Service Center’ model...



Yuba Court General Bargaining Unit

Contract Negotiations

On November 15, 2022, UPE and your Court General Board met with Court Management to continue negotiations on a successor agreement. Due to the Court’s recent proposal, your team returned today with a counter-proposal for a 1-year contract that included salary increases of 8% for all classifications and to maintain the current longevity index.

     Although the Court did make some movement, it appears that we still have some work to do. Late that afternoon, the Court returned with a counter-proposal that included a 1-year, 4% increase for all bargaining unit classifications. We return to the table on Tuesday the 22nd and will update everyone on where we stand when that session ends.

Thank you for wearing RED in support of your bargaining team. The show of solidarity is appreciated and has not gone unnoticed.


Digital ER (Electronic Recording)

On November 4, 2022, your Court Office Technical Board (the Board) met with the Court regarding the new implementation of Digital ER in all courtrooms by the end of fiscal year 2023 and the impact it will have on all classifications. Per the Court, the reason for implementing Digital ER is due to a Court Reporter shortage.

     UPE wanted to make sure that the added duties, which the Courtroom Clerks will perform, will not put them behind in their regular duties. We reminded the Court that the classification of ER Monitor was previously eliminated and, under the circumstances, may want to consider bringing it back. The Court was not interested in this, as they said all the Courtroom Clerks had to do was push a button and watch their screen. They then added that...





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February 2023 

All Board Meetings held in-person as regularly scheduled

Thurs, Feb 16 - Stewards Trainging/Council, 6pm

Tues, Feb 21 - Board of Directors Meeting, 6pm



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