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UPE News Item

005 Meet & Confer Update

Sacramento County Employees’ Retirement System (SCERS)- Return to Work Plan

      On July 30th, 2020, UPE met with SCERS to discuss their return to work plan. What was surprising is that with every department that we have met with over the last two months, SCERS had a plan but will not be using it. They will not be using the plan because they have no intention to begin the conversation about returning to work until October. Apparently, SCERS has “cracked the code” to allow their workers to work remotely, which we applaud. We must note that only five UPE members work there, but we have other locations that are considered “small shops”, yet they have called their workers in as if it were business as usual.     

      Although it appears that they will not be returning to the office until after October, they do have a plan once that happens. During our discussion, it was evident that this department has an understanding of what it takes to keep their workers safe, and they care enough to take the appropriate actions.      

       Once they do return, staff will be split into an A/B shift. This will allow for a rotating remote schedule.  Work stations will be spaced so that only every other cubical is occupied. There will be a mandate for all to wear masks while moving about the office, but they may be removed while at the workstation. When members visit the office to complete their retirement business, they too will have to wear a mask.       

      The department has plenty of cleaning materials as well as gloves and hand sanitizer.  They have committed to noticing everyone of a possible exposure, allowing workers to make a choice to stay or use their accrued time to leave.       

      Thank you to 005 Governing Board Director Dawn Richardson for attending the meeting, and helping ask the tough questions to protect UPE members.



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