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UPE News Item

005 Meet & Confer Update

New Clerical Position in Court Services/Permanency

      On July 6, 2020, UPE met and conferred with CPS over the creation of a new type of clerical position.  The position will utilize a clerical worker to help deliver disposition and detention court reports to clients.  It was recently determined that under the law the County is responsible for ensuring that clients receive these reports.  In many cases, the reports can be emailed or the client can pick them up at a CPS office.  However, in some cases, they need to be delivered.  Approximately 30% of the time this worker will perform delivery duties and the rest of the time normal clerical duties at the Granite office.            

      UPE negotiated a delivery procedure that does not require the worker to have any close contact with the client.  Under the procedure, the report is left on the ground along with a pen and form for the client to sign acknowledging receipt of the document.  The client signs the document, keeps the pen, and takes the report.  The worker then uses a County-issued cell phone to take a picture of the acknowledgment page, which is left for the client to collect.  The process ensures social distance and prevents the worker from having to handle anything touched by the client.              

      UPE did express concern about the centrality of driving to this position.  Office Assistants are not required to maintain a driver’s license as a requirement of their position.  Many other classifications do have this requirement and these workers can be disciplined and terminated if they were to lose their license.  In response to UPE’s concerns, the Department agreed that the person holding this position would not face penalty if they were to lose their license.  They would be assigned to other duties and alternative arrangements would be made to deliver the documents.  UPE also proposed backups, or the position be volunteers, which the Department agreed to.  Finally, UPE proposed a 5% differential for the position because of the unique driving duty.  Unfortunately, the Department rejected this proposal citing budgetary concerns.  The Department should be posting and filing the position ASAP.  




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