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UPE News Item

Reopening Plan- Department of Finance


On May 27, 2020, the Department of Personnel sent a return to work guideline in response to COVID-19. Each department must submit a plan and meet with respective labor organizations. As a result, UPE met virtually with the Department of Finance to discuss their specific reopening plans.

The Department of Finance office encourages employees to self-screen themselves and stay at home if they display symptoms of COVID-19.

UPE inquired about the process for those employees who are exposed or have COVID-19. Those who have COVID-19 should contact either the department head, personnel, and HR. A tracing team will be activated, the County health official will be contacted and they will follow the CDC guidelines. 

Employees are expected to clean their own workspace & any use of copiers/printers. Volunteers can clean the breakrooms.  

UPE inquired if the Department of Finance has enough sanitizer and wipes for employees and the public. The department responded, “Yes”. 

The County indicated that there are plexiglass barriers at the front counter. In addition, employees’ cubicles are six feet apart. After concerns raised by UPE, CUBS and DRR cubicle partitions will be reevaluated.    

UPE asked if telecommuting and staggered schedules will be provided to all Department of Finance employees. The Department replied, “No.” UPE requested that the Department then provide the location of non-teleworking and the reason(s) why it is not available. The Department will get back to us with this information. 

UPE proposed the following: control leave be suspended, masks to be provided by the County when requested by employees, all work stations walls be raised to the highest height which is near 6ft, expand telework and if telework is not available explain the reasons why.

The County is to provide their responses next week.  

UPE indicated, that if we have any questions or concerns, we reserve the right to meet to ask further questions. 

We would like to thank the following 005 board members who participated on the reopening plan meet and confer: Ernestine Stoddard and Dawn Richardson.




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