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UPE News Item

Reopening Plan- District Attorney Office


On May 27, 2020,  the Department of Personnel sent a return to work guideline in response to COVID-19. Each department must submit a plan and meet with the respective labor organizations. As a result, UPE met virtually with the District Attorney (DA) office to discuss their specific reopening plans.

The DA office will allow employees to self-screen themselves at home or at several stations at each of the DA office locations. A non-touch thermometer will be available at the work site screening stations. If you have any listed symptoms or have a temperature above 100.4 degrees you may not enter the building.

The governor’s recent executive order on face masks will encourage more face mask use, however,  it is not required to wear one at your work station. 

Employees are expected to clean their own workspace or any use of copiers/printers. Janitorial services will clean the bathrooms, break rooms, public counters, door knobs, stairwells, and other most commonly used areas. 

UPE inquired if the DA office has enough sanitizer and wipes for employees and the public. The DA office responded, “Yes.” 

UPE asked if alternative schedules will be provided to all DA employees. The DA said, “No.” The focus is to have alterative schedules for the mid to larger units so that not all employees would be at the worksite at once.  UPE stated, that if there are any concerns from certain units in regards to not having an alternative schedule that we will reach out to the DA office to determine the reason(s). 

UPE inquired about the process for employees 65+ and or those with underlying medical conditions related to COVID-19. The DA office responded by stating that if an employee has a doctor note it would trigger an ADA interactive process meeting(s). They will look at each employee’s accommodation on a case-by-case basis. Please contact your business agent, Angel Barajas, (barajas@upe1.org) if you like for him to be on the call/meeting with you. 

UPE asked if an employee was exposed to COVID-19, what is the department’s process. The DA office stated that the employee should immediately contact personnel. Thereafter, the DA office will determine when the employee was infected, the last day they were in the office, a tracing team will be activated, the County health official will be contacted and they will follow the CDC guidelines. According to all of those factors, an assessment will be made regarding what level of notification will be made to employees of the DA office. It is important to note, privacy of the employee who tested positive, or was potentially exposed to COVID-19, will be followed.

UPE indicated, that if we have any questions or concerns, we reserve the right to meet to ask further questions. 

We would like to thank the following 005 board members who participated on the reopening plan meet and confer: Althea Russell, Dawn Richardson, Jennifer Avalo, and Juanita Houston.  





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