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UPE News Item

Return to Work Plan- Assessor’s Office


      On June 24, 2020, UPE met with the Assessor’s office regarding its’ “return to work plan” and it was refreshing to finally meet with a department that was prepared and understood the issues.  Most importantly, the department really seemed to have their employees (our members) health and well-being as a top priority. 

      They are going to be bringing back 30-35 of their 90 workers on a rotation basis and are willing to take another look at that number, possibly lower it if they are able to complete the necessary duties with less. The rest of the office will continue to work remotely as they have been since the start of the pandemic.

      For the time being, members of the public that have business at the office will be able to come in by appointment but will not be forced to wear a mask. Because of that, the front counter has had a tall Plexiglas guard installed for the safety of the worker. There are still concerns that a member of the public may come in exhibiting visual symptoms. In that situation, staff will be allowed to go to their supervisor for assistance if they don’t feel comfortable working with the customer. Additionally, it was confirmed that the office has plenty of PPE for any staff person who wishes to wear it. 

      A question was asked by one of our subject matter experts pertaining to what the department would do if a worker came in with clear symptoms and the department responded that they would ask that person to go home. If the symptoms were severe enough, they would demand that person to go home. The question was then asked if that person would have to use their own balances, or would the department give admin leave out of their own budget?  Although admin leave was not completely ruled out, the immediate response was to use leave balances, leave without pay, or they would assist the worker with emergency sick leave. Additionally, if the worker was well enough to work, he or she could work remotely without the need to use any leave at all.         

      As always, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns with the current plan or how the employer is implementing it. UPE would like to thank 005 board members, Brian Williams and Zanell Hempstead, as well as 005 member, Rick Reeve, for being our subject matter experts for this meeting.  



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