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UPE News Item

005 Reopening Plan


On 5/27/20, the Department of Personnel sent a return to work guideline in response to COVID. Each department must submit a plan and meet with respective labor organizations. As a result, UPE met virtually with DTech and 311 officials to discuss their specific reopening plans.    

The Department has been open since the pandemic as they are all deemed essential workers.     

UPE asked if employees 65+ and or those with underlying medical conditions related to COVID-19 would receive Paid Administrative Leave (PAL). The Department responded, “No, that will be discontinued County wide.”  Instead, an employee who has a doctor’s note should provide that note to their supervisor, and soon thereafter, an ADA interactive process will be triggered.      

UPE asked if any 311 schedules would change. 311 responded, “No”. However, DTech responded that there will be an A Shift and B Shift. One shift will be working on-site while the other will telecommute, then rotate on a weekly basis. Shift A and B will cease once the County Health Officer states that the pandemic is over.     

UPE asked if 311 would have all staff onsite at a time. The County responded “No”. There will be no more than nine dispatchers on site at any given time, with four who are telecommuting. Each employee has more than six feet of space and no more than two employees are at lunch or breaks at the same time.    

UPE pointed out that in the 311-reopening plan, it stated in part that “…workers to implement practices immediately prior to their shift…” We made clear that employees should not be working before their shift. The County said, “Ok”.      

UPE asked if the department would abide by the CDC guidelines at a minimum when it comes to all recommendations and requirements. The Department said, “Yes”.     

UPE asked about plastic guards. The Department responded that they have requested plastic guards and are awaiting a response from the County.     

UPE indicated that if we have any questions or concerns, we reserve the right to meet with them, the County agreed.

We would like to thank the following 005 board members who participated on the reopening plan meet and confer: Althea Russell, Dawn Richardson, Ernestine Stoddard, and 311 member, Michelle Rowberry.




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