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UPE News Item

005 Reopening Plan

County Clerk/Recorders Office

 On 5/27/20, the Department of Personnel sent a return to work guideline in response to COVID-19. Each department must submit a plan and meet with each respective labor organization. As a result, UPE met virtually with County Clerk Recorders office officials to discuss their specific reopening plan.

The County Clerk Recorders office has approximately 58 employees downtown, five at one outstation location and four at another location.

UPE asked if any employee schedules would change. The department responded “No”. UPE pressed for telework opportunities in our bargaining unit. The County Clerk Recorder explained that they don’t have telework since the department is a customer-based office and the public must come in to show documentation. UPE said that the CDC guidelines encourage telework if any type of work can be done at home. The response was, “No, we looked into it and work cannot be done at home except for data entry.”

UPE then asked if there was enough distance between employees. The County responded “Yes”. In addition, they have sneeze guards between the employee, the public and some between employees.

UPE asked how will the lobby be managed so there is ample social distancing

The County replied that appointments will be made for marriage licenses and ceremonies. The parties will wait outside until staff will escort them inside with a limit of four guests per family during marriages.

Three (3) masks will be given to each employee and training will be provided along with enough hand sanitizer stations and jars.

UPE asked if face masks will be required for members of the public. The County responded, “No”, it is only, “strongly recommended” by the CDC. UPE requested that the County Clerk Recorders office state to each member of the public prior to entering that it is strongly recommended and to offer a mask if needed. The County responded that they will have masks available for the public but can’t force them to wear it.

UPE also made it clear that no employee should be cleaning/wiping down areas outside of their workstations such as door knobs or bathrooms, janitorial services should be performing those duties.

Lastly, there are eight employees who will be called back to work and will be notified through phone call.

UPE indicated that if we have any questions or concerns, we reserve the right to meet with them, the County agreed.    

We would like to thank the following 005 board members who participated on the reopening plan meet and confer: Althea Russell, Brian Williams, Ernestine Stoddard, and Juanita Houston. 




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