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UPE News Item

COT Update

Preserving our Bargaining Unit Work!

      UPE filed an Unfair Labor Practice charge on the Court for allowing a Court Room Clerk manager to perform Courtroom Clerk duties at Juvenile Court.

Why is It important to preserve our bargaining unit work?

      UPE firmly believes in the principle of protecting one’s own bargaining unit work.  If others outside of the union are allowed to perform our designated bargaining unit work, then it will likely continue thus slowly eroding the preservation of our jobs. To clarify, the Court will begin having management, supervisors, temps and non-UPE workers perform the duties; hence, replacing you-- the union worker.  As a result, UPE has challenged the Court on this matter.

      UPE filed an unfair labor practice charge. PERB invited both parties to an informal hearing. Both UPE and the Court agreed to place the unfair in abeyance (on hold) in order to find common ground, if possible.

      At the meeting, the Court provided UPE a proposal. In the proposal, the Court is requesting that a manager and supervisor be allowed to perform courtroom clerk duties only "in the event that a Courtroom Clerk is unavailable and there are no other Courtroom Clerks readily available to fill in.” During the meeting, UPE stated several times that the low staffing level of the Courtroom Clerks is the primary cause of this issue. Therefore, the Court will need to hire and/or allocate another 1-2 Courtroom Clerk positions at Juvenile Court. The Court will, “speak to the CEO”, but in the interim, would like to have some relief if there is a shortage of Courtroom Clerks on any given day.

      UPE asked several clarifying questions regarding the Court's proposal. As a result, UPE will be meeting with the Court again to provide a counter-proposal.

      Thank you to Court Office Technical board members Shawn and Tammi Boxer, Nancy Wallace, Bonnie Loriga, Lina Vasquez, Suzette Cade, Lisa Lunn, and Jean Smart for being at the table and advocating for the preservation of Courtroom Clerk bargaining unit work!






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