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UPE News Item

008 Meet & Confer Update

APS-On-line Reporting

  On November 25, 2019, UPE met with the County to discuss the implementation of the Adult Protective Services (APS) On-Line Reporting Form. Currently, reports of neglect or abuse are made via the telephone hotline. The new on-line reporting form aims to reduce wait time for callers, reduce data entry work for intake workers and reduce the amount of incoming calls. In addition, calls to the reporter may not be necessary if all the required information is provided via the on-line form, which will also impact workload. 

       UPE had concerns about the public use of the on-line form and the potential of emergencies being reported via the on-line platform. The County explained that the on-line reporting form is geared toward mandated reporters and not the public. The form requires the reporter to certify that the incident being reported is not an emergency and notifies the reporter that processing will take place the next business day. On-Call workers will not be required to process on-line reports. 

       In addition, UPE had concerns about changes to the form and the potential liability that may arise when there is a dispute about what was reported. The County shared that once the form is submitted there is no changing or deleting the submission. The worker can add to the narrative but the original will always remain unaltered.        

       The County explained that during the first month, supervisors will monitor the submissions hourly and rotate the processing assignment, similar to how call-backs are done now.  Thereafter, the County will assess assigning a daily worker to process the on-line reports, along with other duties, since there is no way to predict how many will come in daily.  The County assured UPE that work will be distributed equitably and back-up will be available if necessary. 

       Lastly, the County will provide training in the upcoming weeks with implementation to follow in January.  With any new change, UPE is always concerned with possible errors and the potential of discipline. The County agreed that over the next few months following implementation, they will take into consideration the learning curve of this new process and will assist as needed. 

       UPE will meet again if the County proposes any new changes to the implementation.

       Thank you to board members Beverly Kearney and Paula Brown as well as UPE member Carolyn Rose for their advocacy. 






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