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UPE News Item

008 Meet & Confer Update 

CPS Restructuring 


        On October 24, 2019, UPE met CPS Deputy Director Melissa Lloyd and ER Division Manager Karen Parker to discuss the recent announcement regarding a possible “streamlining” of services by piloting an ER investigation through Jurisdiction Hearing and Disposition through Permanency.  In meeting with them, CPS proposed to have only one (1) representative from the social worker classification on the proposed Core Team, and three (3) social workers in the larger workgroup. Additionally, CPS proposed facilitating “focus groups” for social workers, however we cautioned them regarding the potential for the Department to engage in “direct dealing” through this process. 

       UPE expressed several concerns with this plan.  First, this process limited our members’ voice in this process to only four people.  Second, their plan called for our members to act as planners without paying them planner pay.  While we thank Melissa Lloyd and Karen Parker for bringing us this plan, it does not allow for adequate representation of our members in the process.       

       UPE informed CPS that UPE would not be participating in the development of the plan because we know our members have multiple voices, differing levels of experience, and differing opinions on the process. We know some of our members are concerned about the impact these potential changes could have on workloads, their stress levels, and their own well-beings.  UPE wants the Department to hear all these concerns.  

       UPE proposed that the Department develop their plan and then present it to UPE at a meet and confer.  The meet and confer will allow UPE to provide input into the process prior to implementation and will allow UPE to include the voice of many workers beyond the 4 CPS proposed.  The Department accepted this proposal.  UPE will now begin to form our Meet and Confer teams in order to be prepared to meet with the County as soon as they are ready.  If you are interested in participating in the Meet and Confer process, please contact your UPE business agent. 







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