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UPE News Item

008 Meet & Confer Update

Case Maintenance Transition to DHA Greenhaven


UPE met and conferred with the County regarding the DHA Case Maintenance (CM) workers who will be reassigned to DHA-Greenhaven, but physically stay at their respective open- lobby bureaus. At the meet and confer, UPE confirmed with the County that the CM workers will continue to perform the same duties such as RRR’s, Face to Face, and tasks (no incoming calls). The County responded, “Yes, status quo. However, if we decide to have CM workers take on incoming calls, we will first notice UPE to meet and confer”. 

UPE continued the meet and confer and demanded that the County not direct CM workers to assist in open lobbies. The County agreed and said that they should not be performing those duties; however, UPE provided examples where it is occurring. UPE requested that the County immediately contact all PM’s and ensure that this duty would immediately cease at each bureau. The County agreed and committed to sending the notice out to the PM’s. 

As the meet and confer progressed, the County mentioned that CM’s will have one of two new supervisors and one of two PM’s: Sal Sanchez or Donna Doyle. UPE requested a list of assigned supervisors to CM’s. The County provided UPE the list.  UPE also requested more detailed information on unit meetings such as the frequency of the meetings, location, and transportation barriers. The County responded that meetings will occur weekly and the North team will consist of the Watt, Research, Fulton, and Greenhaven bureaus that will rotate locations amongst themselves as will the South team which will consist of Rancho, Susie Gaines-Mitchell, and Galt bureaus. 

UPE was concerned for members who might be on ADA or have transportation barriers. The County indicated that if a CM does not have any means of transportation, they will be able to skype in. ADA accommodations will be looked at on a case-by-case basis and the appropriate equipment will be provided. 

UPE requested further information on Calabrio. The County indicated that the training was a refresher course and once the move to Greenhaven happens, CM’s will use Calabrio and Cisco. Adherence will be at 80%, the same as the current call centers. 

Upon returning back from caucus, UPE proposed the following- That no one coming back from a unit meeting should have a scheduled RRR appointment waiting for them. The County agreed. We asked if a RRR (especially a special skilled language RRR) goes over in time will Calabrio place the CM out of adherence. The County stated it would not because it’s the same block of time. Management also indicated that if the appointment is going over (phone or in person), to please contact the supervisor to get the next RRR rescheduled. Finally, current vacation/holiday time off requests will be honored and the call in procedure for absences will remain the same (call the absence line and your immediate supervisor). 

We would like to thank the 008 Board members who participated in this meet and confer and who represent members’ interests on the daily: Detria Terry, James Starr, Stephanie McCall, Amanda Pechin, Lacy Bennett and stewards James Cobos and Rumyana Tassev.






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