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UPE News Item

008 Meet & Confer Update

Impact of Staffing Levels

UPE and DHA met again to discuss the workload impact UPE workers feel from reduced staffing levels.  At the last meeting, UPE made a number of reasonable proposals designed to help relieve some of the burden placed on our members by the County’s budget situation.  UPE was hopeful that the Department would recognize this opportunity to support their workers during a difficult time.  Unfortunately, the Department did not take the chance UPE presented to clearly demonstrate their support for their employees.  

At the last meeting, UPE made six proposals to the Department.  Today, the Department agreed to one: creating a 4:00 p.m. cut-off time at East Commerce to allow workers to reschedule calls requesting a RRR or intake.  With every other proposal, the Department went out of its way to justify their inability to change.  The most glaring example of this is their refusal to suspend review of the stats sheet during one-on-ones with supervisors.  This is despite a constant refrain from the Department, from Director Edwards down to the Program Managers, that they are not concerned with statistics or quantity at this time.  Over and over the Department says they want workers focusing on the quality of their interactions with clients, but they still insist on having supervisors review statistics, which are all about quantity and not at all about quality.  This further fuels the disconnect between upper management and line supervisors that results in additional pressure being placed on workers. 

Workers are not feeling supported and this is either because upper management is doing a poor job communicating to the bureau level, Program Managers and supervisors are ignoring their directives, or this is just the way the Department wants things.  UPE will continue to fight to make working conditions better for our workers.  The two sides will meet again on September 23rd.  UPE hopes that by that time the Department will be ready to back up its words with actions.





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