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UPE News Item

DHA Class Study

August 20, 2019

UPE and DHA met again on August 20, 2019 over the Class Study involving the ES, HSS, and SES classifications.  Over the course of the negotiations, the two sides have exchanged package proposals dealing with salaries for all three classifications.  At the meeting on the 20th, the Department reiterated their inadequate proposal from August 13, 2019.  The two sides are in agreement over salaries for two of the three classifications but remain deadlocked over the SES/HSQRS classification.  Based on the manner in which the County structured the class study, the two sides must agree on all classifications for the Study to move forward. The Department is only offering a 2.5% increase for this classification despite the fact that it is clearly a promotional class, and (based on both our contract and County Personnel Rules) promotional classes must be paid at least 5% more than the next lowest class.  

Why does UPE believe a higher salary is justified? The Department’s new classification specs for the SES refer to the position as an advanced journey class and the HSS as a journey class. The SES/HSQRS new job specs increase the classification’s Minimum Qualifications. Every other surrounding county treats advanced journey classes as promotional classes above journey-level classes. Sacramento County treats its other advanced journey classes as promotional. The Sacramento County Civil Service Commission acknowledged this position is a promotional class.  

The two sides are now at an impasse because the County will not acknowledge what their own study concluded.  It is UPE’s desire to resolve this impasse as soon as possible and we plan to by-pass mediation (which is time consuming and provides no clear results) and go straight to Factfinding.  Factfinding allows both sides to present their case to a neutral third party who delivers a recommendation regarding how to resolve the dispute between the two sides.  UPE will work to schedule this next step as soon as possible.  



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