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UPE News Item

005/008 Meet & Confer Update

Big Move- Relocation from DHA Bowling Green to Greenhaven

The County informed UPE that Bowling Green will be closing and that the majority of the staff will be moved to Greenhaven. In addition, current Bowling Green employees will have the option to volunteer to transfer to the East Commerce worksite and East Commerce employees will be able to volunteer to transfer to the new Greenhaven worksite, up to a maximum of 4 units. 

The County informed UPE that the move will be in three phases:

Phase 1:  October 7th Bowling Green employees (who have been selected for transfer) will move to East Commerce. 

Phase 2: On October 14th and 21st the move from Bowling Green to Greenhaven will occur.

Phase 3:  October 28th East Commerce employees (who have been selected for transfer) will move to Greenhaven.

Below is a summary and outcomes of topics associated with the move: 

Packing and Time off: 

  • Workers will have up to 2 boxes to pack their work belongings. Personal items will need to be taken home and then to the new worksite location. 
  • The County only provides 1 hour to pack/ 1 hour to move. If an employee will need more time, then they need to request more time with their supervisor.


  • The Greenhaven worksite will have secure badge access.
  • The County will get back to us regarding surveillance camera(s).
  • Two security guards will be safeguarding the new building.
  • The County claims that there is enough lighting in the parking lot.

Cubicle Size:

  • UPE expressed concerns regarding the size of each cubicle 6x7. UPE proposed for 7x8 size cubicles. 
  • UPE also requested a higher partition to help alleviate the sound levels during calls. 
  • The County rejected both proposals by stating, “We already purchased and installed cubicles”. 

Cubicle Selection: 

  • Workers will bid by seniority within spaces allocated to their unit for seating.

ADA and Ergonomic Needs:

  • UPE proposed that all ADA and ergonomic needs for employees be accommodated and ready on day 1 of the move. The County agreed to our proposal. 

Lack of Break Room on Second Floor:

  • The County stated that a break room will be available on the 1st and not the 2nd floor. All but 9 employees will be located on the 2nd floor. UPE expressed the need to have a break room on the 2nd floor. The County will “look into this”.


  • The County indicated that the desks will be sit/stand with a button to elevate the workstation.

Work Schedules/Vacation Requests: 

  • Will be honored and remain the same. 
  • CW Case Maintenance workers will remain at their current respective bureaus.

 The Swap of employees:

  • Up to 4 units (even swap) of voluntary employees from Bowling Green and East Commerce will be selected in groups of 8, 16, 24, 32. 

Notice to Transfer: 

The County proposed a 5 business day window to submit interest to voluntarily transfer. UPE proposed a longer period. As a result of UPE’s advocacy, the County agreed to 8 days. Workers must submit the request by August 20th. 

UPE will be monitoring the entire move to Greenhaven and ask that you participate in the process by contacting Bowling Green Steward, James Cobos, or Business Agent, Angel Barajas, for issues and concerns related to the move.

We would like to thank all members who participated in this meet and confer including:  008 Board members Detria Terry, James Starr, Stephanie McCall, Amanda Pechin, Lacy Bennett and Chris Jenkins as well as 008 Steward James Cobos, and 008 member Victor Carlos. 




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