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UPE News Item

005 Salary Survey Update!

    UPE and the County sparred once again, regarding the jurisdictions that would be used in a salary survey. The County is using the traditional local jurisdictions while UPE is proposing to add another 3 jurisdictions: Alameda, Contra Costa and Santa Clara. The County ultimately became amenable to add Contra Costa County but not Alameda or Santa Clara Counties. UPE insisted in using Alameda and Santa Clara, however the County did not agree.  Therefore, both sides decided that we would each compose a salary survey and discuss the results during the next meet and confer that is scheduled on August 29th.   

    In addition, the County is claiming that they are not able to conduct a traditional salary survey for the Airport Operations Dispatchers, since all other international airports have dispatchers that are not County employees. They claim that it would be an unfair comparison. The County will instead use an internal benchmark classification?the Communications/Operations Dispatchers as a comparison. UPE fiercely challenged the County, and requested that they provide us an explanation as to why the County is not able to use Sherriff Dispatchers as an internal benchmark classification rather than the Communications/ Operations Dispatchers. The County did not have much to say other than, “we will look into that and get back to you during our next meeting.” 

    The County continues to devalue its own employees by comparing them to local jurisdictions who historically keep wages low, or in the case of the Airport Dispatchers, attempt to link them to another classification who earn the same wages so they don’t have to pay more. To add insult to injury, the County is not willing to recognize that the duties performed by our members are not reflected accurately in their current outdated job specifications. The County simply responded by saying, “that is what we go off of.” We will continue to expose the County for their lack of appreciation of our members’ work. The County is simply unwilling to acknowledge that the work you do should be valued through a valid salary survey that would justify the need to increase your wages for all the hard work that you do! We go back to the table August 29th. Stay tuned!

    We would be remiss if we did not acknowledge the 005 board members who dedicate their time to facilitate positive change in the work place. A huge thank you to the following meet and confer participants: Dawn Richardson, Althea Russell, Monica Stephens, Ernestine Stoddard and David Guardado.





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