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UPE News Item

008 Meet and Confer Update

Caseload Reduction Black Child Legacy Social Workers

June 27, 2019

       UPE and CPS continued meeting over a possible caseload reduction for BCL Social Workers.  The two sides previously met in February.  At that meeting, UPE proposed that BCL workers receive a .8 caseload reduction.  This would place them in line with other out- stationed social workers and would help to account for the additional duties they are required to perform as a part of the BCL program.  UPE argued that BCL workers must take on a significant number of extra duties at their locations, which makes it extremely difficult to keep up with their normal caseload. 


       The Department requested time to research the problem.  At our June 27, 2019 meeting, the Department presented UPE with a list of duties unique to BCL social workers that they are required to perform.  UPE members helped to generate this list for management.  The information showed that BCL social workers are required to perform over 20 hours of additional duties per week as a part of their out-stationed assignment.  To UPE, this represents clear evidence of the need for a case load reduction. 


       CPS management could not deny what the data showed and they agreed to institute a .8 caseload reduction for BCL social workers.  The Department will phase-in the reduction over time in order to prevent disruption for existing clients.  The Department will also be finalizing a list of expected duties for BCL workers.  If a BCL worker is asked to perform something outside this list of duties, they will have the option to say no.  UPE thanks all the BCL social workers for the information they helped provide during this process as well as Board Members Janelle Gonzales and Jeannine Lopez for their participation in the meet and confer.  Their collective efforts helped us to achieve our goal of a more equitable distribution of work for our BCL members. 




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