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UPE News Item

Yuba Court Meet & Confer Update

Student Interns

June 24, 2019

    Representatives from UPE met and conferred with the Court on June 24, 2019 to discuss the Court’s plan to start a student intern program.  Interns will be hired as limited term extra-help employees and will be paid $12.00 an hour.  The Court plans to only select children and possibly grandchildren of current Court employees.  The interns will be scanning old DCSS documents that are currently stored in the Court basement.  Interns will be paid using AB 1058 funds designated for DCSS cases.  This money can only be spent on these cases and therefore the interns will only handle DCSS documents.  The Court plans to hire no more than 10 interns who will be able to work from July 2019 until the end of June 2020.  Renee Danielson will supervise the interns.  Due to existing workload and limitations on how the money can be spent, the Court is unable to spend all of the AB1058 money it is allocated.  As a result, the money is available to fund the intern program.


     UPE questioned the Court extensively about why they are not using the AB 1058 money on our workforce.  The Court argues that there is not enough money to hire another worker; that the rules around the money prevent the Court from using the money for overtime; and that workers are too busy to scan during regular business hours.  UPE proposed that the Court make scanning available to workers for CTO and the Court stated that they would consider how to implement this proposal. The Court also assured UPE that interns will not be doing any work currently performed by UPE members.  They will only focus on scanning DCSS documents. 


     The Court will begin recruiting for the internship program immediately and UPE and the Court will meet again to further discuss the role UPE members will play in the process. 




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