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UPE News Item

UPE Hires Lobbyist to Represent Members at the State Capitol

UPE began the year by hiring Karen Kessler to serve as a representative for our members at the state capitol.  Ms. Kessler brings thirty-five years of experience working with a number of different public sector organizations and unions.  She understands the unique needs of an independent union and offers UPE a voice in the capitol where decisions impacting large portions of the County and Court budgets are made.  

 For UPE, the addition of Ms. Kessler represents an important step forward in our representation of our members.  Since leaving PEU, UPE is in a stronger financial position and better able to invest in our membership.  “All of our member dues stay local now” said UPE Executive Director Ted Somera, “we are in a position where we can take these extra steps to insure we are doing everything we can to help our members”.  

Mr. Somera continued, "UPE is very excited about the addition of Ms. Kessler.  We think she and her organization are going to be a great benefit to our members.  Having someone in the Capitol is a logical next step as our Union grows."   
Ms. Kessler will begin her work focusing on the upcoming budget as well as monitoring the state’s reaction to legislation coming out of Washington.  She will also be tasked with helping UPE reach out and build bridges to other independent unions around California to grow the strength of independent unions.     

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