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UPE News Item

UPE Executive Director Calls Out Board of Supervisor on County Response to COVID 19

The following email was sent to the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors on March 20, 2020.


Good afternoon Board of Supervisors,

I write to you with much disappointment, frustration and down right anger with the lack of compassion and consideration your executive 700 H St management is giving to your employees. I understand that this pandemic emergency was not something anyone wished for, but it is here, and we must deal with it. You have thousands of employees who are being deemed as essential employees because they are government employees and they can be deemed so in an emergency crisis situation as we are in now.

However, is it essential to keep employees, regardless of age, that are suffering from a chronic or underlying condition, at work to be possibly exposed to this deadly disease? It has been brought to my attention that the County is willing to let them go home to self-quarantine, however, they will have to utilize their accrual balances if that is their choice. Really? What if they do not have enough accruals to do so for a self-quarantine of 15 days? Well the county’s response is that they can apply for SDI, and get part of their salary to survive. Really? 

This insult to injury being displayed by the county to their employees is appalling to say the least. How is one to survive on a partial salary? You have the means to place them on paid administrative leave during this self-quarantine period. By doing so, would allow those individuals to continue to survive. By doing so, would be the right choice to make. Ask yourself, what would Jesus do? I truly believe he would be making a much different choice than what has come from DPS, who takes their marching orders from the County Exec! These poor decisions being rendered are only adding to a tense and stressful environment which does not fair well with your employees; your employees have medical conditions that are being unduly aggravated; your employees are pregnant and you are adding stress as they fear for the children they carry. Why? Why have them go through this?

I pray that the County will come through for their employees in this much needed time. Your employees deserve better! You can do better!


United Public Employees

Ted Somera, Executive Director



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