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UPE News Item

UPE to Challenge County Discipline before State Agency



  On Tuesday March 21, 2017 UPE and Sacramento County officials met at an informal conference hearing at the Public Employees Relations Board (PERB) to discuss an unfair labor practice charge filed by UPE against the County.  At issue was the County’s decision to discipline a UPE Board Member, James Starr, a HSS in the 008 Bargaining Unit, for words Mr. Starr said to a County representatives during a meet and confer between UPE and the County.   

The County believes these words represented workplace violence and suspended Mr. Starr without pay for three days.  UPE views this as an act of intimidation and retaliation against Mr. Starr for participating in legally protected union activity.  UPE filed the unfair labor practice charge alleging that the County’s suspension violates the Myers-Millias-Brown Act that protects union members from retaliation for engaging in union activity, such as negotiating a meet and confer.   

 UPE will not allow the County or any employer to trample on the rights of our workers.  As such, UPE filed a charge with PERB.  The agency reviewed the charge and finding that UPE made a prima fascia case, issued a complaint against the County.  The informal conference is designed to resolve the issue before a formal hearing.   

However, the County failed to engage in the process in good faith, offering UPE little choice but to take the matter to a full hearing before an Administrative Law Judge.  UPE takes the rights of our members very seriously and will always take whatever steps are necessary to protect those rights against discrimination and harassment by the employer. 

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