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With Latest Moves DHA Turns its Back on Southside Clients and Workers

DHA's latests moves continue its relentless push to dehumanize Human Assistance.

Announcing the United Public Employees Scholarship

The UPE Board of Directors are excited to announce four $1500 scholarships for the 2017/2018 school.  Applications are due June 10, 2017.

UPE Hires Lobbyist to Represent Members at the State Capitol

UPE began the year by hiring Karen Kessler to serve as a representative for our members at the state capitol.  She understands the unique needs of an independent union and offers UPE a voice in the capitol where decisions impacting large portions of the County and Court budgets are made. 

UPE to Challenge County Discipline before State Agency

On Tuesday March 21, 2017 UPE and Sacramento County officials met at an informal conference hearing at the Public Employees Relations Board (PERB) to discuss an unfair labor practice charge filed by UPE against the County.  At issue was the County’s decision to discipline a UPE Board Member, James Starr, a HSS in the 008 Bargaining Unit, for words Mr. Starr said to a County representatives during a meet and confer between UPE and the County.  

UPE Wins 005 Desk File Grievance

In late September 2016, UPE filed a grievance on behalf of one of our 005 members. Earlier in the month we requested a number of documents to be removed from our members file because they were no longer relevant. The supervisor agreed to remove a few items but refused to remove the bulk of the documents, some of which were at the time three years old. 

UPE Takes Part in 2017 MLK March for the Dream
On January 16, 2017 UPE members stopped to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day and remember Dr. King's fight for equality, justice, and civil rights. UPE Members and staff joined 25,000 other Marchers to take part in the MLK March for the Dream.

Tips for Completing DHA PDQ
UPE's advice on participation in the DHA Classification Study.

Unit 3 Employees Being Singled Out
UPE dissents from a recent fact finder's decision relating to Unit 3 Contract negotiations. UPE believes our members deserve better than the treatment they are receiving from Merced County.

UPE Members on Front Lines of Election 2016
The 2016 Presidential election was a historic moment for the United States and UPE members played a big role.

2016 Governing Board Election Results
UPE is excited to welcome a number of new faces to its Governing Boards.

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