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Meet and Confer Update

Meet and Confer Update 

DHA Lobby Reopening


      On February 5, 2021, UPE and DHA met again regarding lobby reopening. The Department plans to open Susie Gaines Mitchell on February 8, 2021. UPE took issue with the lack of communication coming from the SGM management to workers about the plan for reopening. The Department had yet to provide any specifics to workers about what reopening would look like, other than vague and inaccurate statements that it will be ‘business as usual’. SGM management were to provide more specifics to UPE on February 5th regarding the reopening. The building will follow the same protocols put in place at Fulton and 28th St. All staff with client contact will have the ability to use either a window or place the client in an interview booth and use a separate booth. Cleaning supplies, masks, and gloves will be centrally available in the interview areas. Staff are not responsible for cleaning client spaces. However, custodial staff will not be cleaning staff interview areas until after close of business. Workers will have supplies available to clean these areas. CSR at SGM will transition away from intakes and back towards full-time CSR duties. CSR will either be assigned to CSP duties or intake, they will not be required to do both during the day. UPE proposed that HSA’s check clients in at a window, rather than the kiosk. The Department would not agree to this at this time, but stated that management would monitor the number of clients and reevaluate. They did state that HSA’s would be behind a barrier at the information desk and would be able to check clients in there, rather than at the kiosk.

    UPE also learned at the meeting that the Department will begin noticing staff at Fulton, 28th St., and SGM and Homeless Response Team regarding a process to register for the COVID-19 vaccine. All workers in these buildings will be eligible for the vaccine. Staff are being vaccinated as a part of the 1B group of front-line workers. More buildings and staff will be eligible for the vaccine as they begin the reopening process. The Department is prioritizing staff and buildings with direct client contact in this process. The vaccine is being administered by UC Davis Medical Center in conjunction with Public Health. Other than the initial sign up, the Department will not be involved with the vaccination process.




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