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Meet and Confer Update

Limited Lobby Re-Open at 28th Street and Fulton 


     On November 10th, 2020, UPE met with DHA management over the partial opening of the lobby at Fulton and 28th St. to serve the homeless. First, we did give our opinion that this was a bad idea and that there had to be another way due to the state of the pandemic, but with the mandate for the service and the state stepping in to say that the department was deficient in their efforts, they felt that they were obligated to open in a limited capacity. Although we were assured that no customers would be allowed in without a face covering, our team spent a lot of time explaining concerns about having our members in close proximity to a population that is unable to safely distance themselves without any type of screening prior to entry into the lobby. 

     In addition to the lack of screening, another concern was how the department would deal with a customer who was visibly displaying symptoms. Although management used the “we aren’t medical professionals” excuse to not deny entry, we were assured that workers who felt uncomfortable with a customer who appeared to be sick would be able to speak to a supervisor about being dismissed from assisting in that case.

     We were also told that the number of individuals that will be allowed in would not exceed the number of open windows but, later in the conversation, the department could not tell us what the maximum number would be. 

    UPE was given assurances that HSAs would not have to cover the kiosks and, if a customer needed help, they would have to go to the window for assistance. It was also made clear that the lobby supervisor seems to have a lot of discretion on how things in the lobby are ran, but we made it clear that the suggestions that were being made should be communicated down the chain to make sure that we were all on the same page.

    UPE will be monitoring the lobbies to make sure that there is no question that the safety of our members is number one. The minute we see that is not being taken seriously, we will file the appropriate health and safety grievance to make sure that the department knows how serious we are about your safety.





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