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Meet and Confer Update

COT Update

Unfair Labor Practice Meet & Confer

     UPE and Sacramento Superior Court met on October 27, 2020, to reach a settlement agreement on an unfair labor practice charge UPE filed regarding supervisors performing courtroom clerk duties. UPE could not agree to the Court’s settlement proposal for the following reasons: The Court wants to isolate the issue to Juvenile Court, even though the issue is happening at other courthouses. This a court-wide issue, not just a Juvenile Court issue. UPE does not believe that it is appropriate for managers or supervisors to perform Courtroom Clerk duties and believes that if the Court were to be proactive, the issue would be mitigated. 

     For that reason, UPE proposes that this settlement should apply court-wide, as the Court, as an employer, is committing the infraction, not just Juvenile Court. Second, UPE proposes that the Court address the coverage issue with a contingency plan that would include calling and emailing all other units. UPE did propose that the most effective way to solve the coverage issue is simply by hiring more clerks, to which the Court did not respond. 

     Lastly, UPE proposes that in the event a clerk is called to serve in another unit, he or she should be cross-trained in order to best serve the duties of that unit. Rather than clerks currently scanning documents, the Court should be addressing the issue in a proactive way by utilizing this time to cross-train. This option alleviates the anxieties of our members when called to serve in a court that they have not been to in decades, and improves their efficiency while there. 

     UPE would like to see this issue resolved by the middle of November. In the event that the Court and UPE cannot reach an agreement, this issue will be heard at a PERB hearing. In the meantime, UPE relies on our hard-working members to keep us informed of what is happening in the courthouses. If you see managers or supervisors performing the work of courtroom clerks (or of any other classification other than their own), please reach out to UPE at 916-736-9503, or contact your union steward. This act constitutes an unfair labor practice charge, and the Court is violating the law. 

     UPE would also like to thank the following Court Office Technical board members for their advocacy and participation at this meet and confer: Bonnie Loriga, Lizette Sweezer-Morris, Suzette Cade, Tammi & Shawn Boxer, and Lina Vasquez.





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