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Meet and Confer Update


Meet and Confer Update: SDR Phase II


UPE and DHA have concluded negotiations over the Service Delivery Redesign (SDR) Phase II.  The two sides negotiated the impact of the changes over the course of several months and multiple meetings.  Throughout the process, UPE sent a consistent message to DHA that we do not agree with the changes being implemented.  UPE does not believe the call-center will improve the experience of the clients or the workers.  However, under the law the County can implement changes in business practices. 


Knowing this, UPE agreed to meet with DHA in order to try and alleviate the impact of the changes on our members.  This included working to ensure the County took seniority as the primary consideration when making any involuntary moves.  UPE also fought to have the County use straight seniority when workers bid for new functions within bureaus.  Lastly, UPE negotiated 9 agreements with the County to help directly mitigate the impact of the new SDR procedures on members. 


Among the agreements is a follow-up meeting in 30 days.  It will be critical for workers to report on the progress of the SDR changes to both Board Members and Business Agents.  UPE must know what is not working so we can advocate for changes at this meeting. 


In response to feedback from members, UPE secured an agreement from the County to survey workers regarding the effectiveness of the training they have received.  The purpose of the survey is for workers to express what specific areas they need additional training.  County has agreed to provide additional training based upon the responses to this survey.  Please fill out the survey honestly and completely when it is distributed. 


Finally, UPE negotiated protections for workers as they embark on new duties both at the Service Center and at the open lobby bureaus.  All workers taking on new duties will have a 3 month hold-harmless for errors and omissions resulting from the new SDR duties.  UPE can negotiate for another three month extension at the end of the first three months.  Additionally, DHA agreed to take the new changes into consideration when evaluating all workers for the next year. 

SDR Agreements between County and UPE

  1. Ongoing meetings to address issues with UPE shall commence no later than 30 days after implementation of Phase II and as needed.  No workload issues shall be referred to PSW unless UPE agrees.

  2. All UPE workers shall be held harmless for three (3) months for errors and omissions emanating from new business practices or changes associate with SDR Phase II.  At the three (3) month mark, UPE may renegotiate for up to three (3) additional months hold harmless if necessary.  This hold harmless includes all continuing workers at all Cal-WORKs worksites.  Non-continuing workers who do not change function will not be included in the hold harmless. For the purpose of evaluating all employees, the department will, for one (1) year, give consideration to the learning curve associated with the new business practices and potential changes in workload due to SDR Phase II

  3. DHA shall not establish a task completion or phone call quota/production standard at implementation of SDR Phase II at any Cal-Works worksite.  If department opts to implement in the future it will provide advanced notice to UPE. 

  4. CalWORKs worksites shall not utilize computer systems as a time clock.

  5. Workers shall report to their workstation at the start of their shift and immediately initiate the computer log-on process, unless otherwise instructed by management.  Workers shall be allowed a reasonable amount of time to log-off their computer system prior to the end of their shift.

  6. Department shall not use monthly one-on-one feedback procedures as a substitute for contractually obligated yearly evaluations (16.2). 

  7. Rotation plan and end of shift call handling procedures shall be a topic for discussion at follow-up meeting outlined in #1 above.

  8. DHA shall honor all schedules for individual workers for a period of 3 months. 

  9. DHA agrees all training provided to UPE workers shall be adequate and sufficient to fulfill their new duties.  30 Days after implementation DHA shall survey Cal-Works continuing workers asking them if they feel they need additional training and what specifically needs to be covered in that training.  Results of the survey shall be shared with UPE and DHA shall create a training plan to address worker needs as soon as administratively possible.  Training shall be completed during normal business hours.  Should training occur on a worker’s RDO, DHA shall continue to follow applicable labor laws regarding compensation.    



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