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Meet and Confer Update

DCFAS Telework Policy 005

June 15, 2021

     UPE and DCFAS met on Tuesday, June 15, 2021, to discuss the Department’s Telework Policy.  The Department shared the purpose of the new telework policy is to align CPS and SAS practices under one Department policy and ensure compliance with the Countywide policy.  The previous telework policies were only applicable to Social Workers and Supervisors. The Department confirmed that the new policy would apply to all classifications within DCFAS.  Meaning, classifications previously prevented from teleworking (such as clerical classifications) may have an opportunity to telework.

     UPE highlighted that almost all 005 workers were participating in some form of telework during the pandemic.  UPE questioned why this could not continue post-pandemic.  The Department did not rule out continued telework for 005 members.  However, they want to reevaluate every unit to ensure they can continue to deliver services as business operations return to pre-pandemic levels. 

     UPE made it clear that telework can be done for many of the units and should remain. If a unit is denied telework, UPE expects to hear the rationale behind the denial.

     The Department’s policy calls for workers to report within 45 minutes.  UPE thinks this is unreasonable and proposed a 2-hour response time.  UPE proposed that the Department begin with allowing workers the maximum of 3 telework days instead of leaving it up to management discretion.  UPE also proposed that any denial be provided in writing to a worker and they be allowed to reapply no later than 12 months after the original request.  Finally, UPE proposed the two sides meet again before the July 12, 2021 return to work date in order to hear from the Department how far along they are in evaluating and approving units for continued telework.

     UPE will wait for a response from the Department and respond accordingly. Thank you to our members Jabari Sekou, Yesenia Limon, and Amber Wood for their participation.

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