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Since 2017 UPE has awarded $19,000 in scholarships to UPE members children and family members.


008 Meet & Confer Update

CPS Restructuring

       On October 24, 2019, UPE met CPS Deputy Director Melissa Lloyd and ER Division Manager Karen Parker to discuss the recent announcement regarding a possible “streamlining” of services by piloting an ER investigation through Jurisdiction Hearing and Disposition through Permanency.  In meeting with them, CPS proposed to have only one (1) representative from the social worker classification on the proposed Core Team, and three (3) social workers in the larger workgroup. Additionally, CPS proposed facilitating “focus groups” for social workers, however we cautioned them regarding the potential for the Department to engage in “direct dealing” through this process.

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008 Meet & Confer Update

DBAP Social Workers

     On October 9, 2019 UPE concluded our meet and confer with DHA regarding the creation of three Social Worker Range B positions at 28th St. These positions will work in the Disability Benefit Advocacy Program and assist homeless clients who cannot work in applying for SSI/SSP.  UPE and the Department met five times over the position and UPE made a number of recommended changes to the program document to improve the position that the Department accepted.  

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008 Meet & Confer Update

Case Maintenance Transition to DHA Greenhaven

     UPE met and conferred with the County regarding the DHA Case Maintenance (CM) workers who will be reassigned to DHA-Greenhaven, but physically stay at their respective open- lobby bureaus. At the meet and confer, UPE confirmed with the County that the CM workers will continue to perform the same duties such as RRR’s, Face to Face, and tasks (no incoming calls). The County responded, “Yes, status quo. However, if we decide to have CM workers take on incoming calls, we will first notice UPE to meet and confer”. 

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Four ballots were generated as a result of the nominations. 


  • Ballots will be mailed to Sacramento Units on October 18th
  • Ballot Counting for Sacramento will be on November 21st


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Water Bottle Distribution


   UPE business agents are distributing insulated water bottles to UPE members only. If you have not received one yet, please contact your business agent to schedule a time for them to visit your worksite and distribute them to your unit!

Contact UPE at 916-736-9503 or via email at info@upe1.org


005/008 Meet & Confer Update

Drug and Alcohol Policy Update

     Both UPE 005 and 008 Boards met with the County over the Drug and Alcohol Policy. It was almost 6 months ago when both parties last met. At that time, UPE had many underlying concerns. As a result, the County took a step back, revised the policy, and reintroduced it. 

     At this meet and confer, both 005 and 008 were able to review the proposed policy. The boards were not able to dive into the policy with the County due to time constraints; however, we will be meeting again. At the meeting, 005 did raise several clarification questions over depressants, medicinal marijuana, and other substances that might be detected under a drug test. A request of drug and alcohol thresholds was requested and the County provided it. 

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005 Meet & Confer Update

The Compensation Study

     On September 27, 2019, the Union and the County of Sacramento met once again over the Compensation Study per Article 7.20 in the 005 Contract. Your bargaining team proposed that classification studies be performed for the classifications listed within the provisions of the contract. The County was receptive to explore the idea based on the fact that a classification study for some of these groups have not been examined for over 23 years and the scope of their functions have evolved into more than the job description reflects. 

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UPE Featured in the Sacramento News & Review!

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Staff 4.jpg


Read how UPE steps in to advocate for members when they need them the most.  

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     008 Meet & Confer Update

     DHA Class Study

     On October 30, 2019, UPE and Sacramento County held a fact finding hearing related to the salary of the SES/Human Services Quality and Review Specialist (HSQRS).  UPE argued, as it always has, that the position is a promotional position, and therefore, must be paid at least 5% higher than the next lower class.  In this case, as a result of the Class Study, the HSQRS is now the advanced journey level class and the HSS is now the journey level class.  Therefore, the HSQRS class must be paid at least 5% more.  

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UPE Recognizes & Appreciates Your Support!



Join UPE - the largest independent public sector union in Sacramento County - as we fight for livable wages and fair contracts for our members and their families.
Together We Are Strong!


 These trainings are for any member who is interested in learning more about their rights and how to make a difference in their workplace. Stewards meet the third Thursday of each month:
UPE Office - 9333
Tech Center Drive
Sacramento, CA 95826
Please RSVP info@upe1.org
or call our office 916-736-9503
2019 Steward Training Schedule



Wed, November 6th- 005 Office Technical Board Meeting, 6:00 p.m. at UPE

Thur, November 7th- Sutter Board Meeting, 12:00 p.m. at Sutter

Tue, November 12th - Court Professionals Unit Meeting, 12:00 p.m. at FRC

Tue,  November 12th - Merced Board Meeting, 12:00 p.m. at 2222 M Street, Room 310

Tue,  November 12th - 008 Welfare Non-Supervisory Board Meeting, 6:00 p.m. at UPE

Thu,  November 14th - Court Office Technical Board Meeting, 6:00 p.m. at UPE

Thu,  November 21st- Yuba Board Meeting, 12:00 p.m. at TBD

Thu,  November 21st - 6:00 p.m. at UPE
- Stewards Council: Ballot Counting
- Steward Training:  Training III

Tue,  November 26th - Board of Directors Meeting, 6:00 p.m. at UPE

9333 Tech Center Drive, #300 • Sacramento, CA  95826

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