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Fourth Annual UPE Scholarship Competition
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The UPE Board of Directors is proud to announce the 4th annual United Public Employees Scholarship competition.  Open to UPE members’ families, the program offers four $1500 scholarships to help with college expenses. The scholarships are part of the Union’s endeavor to give back to our members.   
As a part of the application, those applying must complete a 500 word essay, include THREE letters of reference and transcripts. Applications must be postmarked by June 5, 2020 and winners will be awarded on June 23, 2020. 

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COVID-19 Merced Update

Message to Supervisor Silveira

April 16, 2020

Dear Supervisor Scott Silveira,

On behalf of UPE membership, your constituents, we would like to address your comments made earlier this week at the Board of Supervisors meeting. Your response Tuesday, regarding the safety concerns many workers are feeling during the COVID-19 pandemic was insensitive, offensive and out right wrong.

As an elected official, it is your responsibility not only to protect the safety of your citizens but also your employees within Merced County who are working every day to provide the essential services you talked about.

Your message not only demonstrated your lack of empathy for your employees but also showed your misguided anger towards workers seeking safe working conditions which will ultimately help protect their families and the community. Without added protections and safety measures for all citizens, including essential Merced County workers, Merced County is putting its constituents, and the community at risk. You are failing the very citizens you claim you want to protect. Your leadership is currently on display and your constituents will remember which elected officials stood up to the task of protecting the community, and who failed to act.      

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UPE Executive Director Calls Out Board of Supervisors on County Response to COVID 19

The following email was sent to the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors on March 20, 2020.

Good afternoon Board of Supervisors,

I write to you with much disappointment, frustration and down right anger with the lack of compassion and consideration your executive 700 H St management is giving to your employees. I understand that this pandemic emergency was not something anyone wished for, but it is here, and we must deal with it. You have thousands of employees who are being deemed as essential employees because they are government employees and they can be deemed so in an emergency crisis situation as we are in now.

However, is it essential to keep employees, regardless of age, that are suffering from a chronic or underlying condition, at work to be possibly exposed to this deadly disease? It has been brought to my attention that the County is willing to let them go home to self-quarantine, however, they will have to utilize their accrual balances if that is their choice. Really? What if they do not have enough accruals to do so for a self-quarantine of 15 days? Well the county’s response is that they can apply for SDI, and get part of their salary to survive. Really? 

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UPE  Update: COVID-19 


As you may be aware, Courts in Sacramento, Yuba, and Sutter Counties have all significantly reduced operations in light of recent directives from the Governor and County Health Officials.  These Courts are placing workers on Administrative Leave and providing additional pay to those that are required to come to work. UPE supports these actions and appreciates the steps these employers have taken to guard worker safety.

UPE also supports the actions taken by Sacramento County to close public access, send non-essential staff home on administrative leave, and allow workers to telecommute where possible.  However, Sacramento County continues to require workers in a number of Departments to come to their offices as essential governmental employees.  

Sacramento County are giving all workers 65 and over the option of paid administrative leave in order to comply with the Governor's order.  However, at this time the County is not offering the same option for workers with chronic health conditions that make them at higher risk to health complications due to COVID-19.  

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UPE Sacramento County Member Raises


UPE Sisters and Brothers: 

In 2000, United Public Employees (UPE) negotiated the Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) language in our contracts with Sacramento County, which have been part of our members’ pay increases. The COLA is determined by the Consumer Price Index (United States City Average, Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers) reported for each of the twelve (12) months ending with the month of March. The CPI is governed and calculated by the US Department of Labor.

Throughout the years, we have fought during contract negotiations to maintain this provision in our contracts. UPE has always been conscious that the CPI could fall under 2%, therefore, we fought to keep the minimum at 2%.  As a result:

The CPI average from March 2019 to March 2020 is 1.82%. You will see a 2% raise the first full pay period in July.


UPE COVID-19 Update:

UPE Proposals to Sacramento County


United Public Employees and representatives from the County of Sacramento met via conference call on Friday April 3, 2020 to discuss the Union's proposals relating to the COVID-19 Outbreak.  The County requested the meeting in order to better understand our proposals. 

UPE proposed time and a half for all workers who are required to work in an office or who have to meet with the public. UPE's proposal also calls for the pay to apply retroactively. To no surprise, the County stated an unwillingness at this time to reopen our contracts to pay workers more. However, UPE countered with another proposal that would allow the County to pay our workers more money during this time without having to reopen the contract.

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Families First Coronavirus Response Act: 

Frequently Asked Questions

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA), also known as H.R. 6201, was signed into law on March 18, 2020. Among other things, FFCRA expands employees’ rights to take paid time off work for COVID-19 related health conditions and to care for children whose schools or child- care providers have shut down. The two major provisions of FFCRA addressing paid leave are: (1) the Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act, which requires some employers to provide paid sick leave to workers for COVID-19 related health conditions, and (2) the Emergency Family and Medical Leave Expansion Act, which expands the Family Medical Leave Act to provide partially paid leave for workers to care for children out of school or without child care.

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 UPE Update: COVID 19

Families First Coronavirus Response Act

UPE Sisters and Brothers:

On March 18, 2020, the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (HR 6201) was signed into law. It is the first of multiple bills we expect Congress to pass to provide relief from the impacts of COVID-19, and touches on a variety of subjects, including COVID-19 testing, unemployment insurance funding, and federal assistance programs. 

This memo outlines the key features of the bill relating to (1) paid, public health emergency leave, which is an expanded form of FMLA leave for workers to care for children out of school or without child care (the “Emergency Family and Medical Leave Expansion Act”); and (2) emergency paid sick leave employers must provide for COVID-19 related health conditions (the “Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act”). 

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UPE Executive Director's Message to Sacramento County Board of Supervisors: Protect Our Workers! 


Dear Board of Supervisors, Chairperson Supervisor Serna:

Today, I write to you with the utmost urgent concerns for our members who have been categorized as essential employees and must report to work to provide essential services for your constituents, the citizens of the County of Sacramento. It is incumbent upon you as the essential elected leaders of this County to ensure that all employees are being provided the essential health and safety equipment to protect them, as much as possible, from the COVID-19 virus while at work for the County of Sacramento. 

Read the Entire Letter Here.


UPE Featured in the Sacramento News & Review!

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Read how UPE steps in to advocate for members when they need them the most.  

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