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Fifth Annual 

United Public Employees Scholarship




Applications received by May 31, 2021, or postmarked BEFORE June 1, 2021, will be considered. 

Scholarship recipients will be awarded at the June 15, 2021 Board of Directors meeting. 

005 and 008 Members

Vote Overwhelmingly

 to Ratify 1-Year Contract Extension

June 11, 2021

        UPE is excited to announce that both the 005 and 008 Bargaining Unit members have voted to ratify the contract extension with Sacramento County.  In the 005 Bargaining Unit, 93.7% voted to ratify, and in the 008 Bargaining Unit, 93.5% voted to ratify.

     UPE has notified the County of the results. Members should expect to see the 2% salary increase reflected on their paycheck for the first full pay period in July. 

     Both Bargaining Units shall enter traditional contract negotiations early in 2022.  UPE would like to thank all members for their participation in the vote and their continued support.


Know Your Rights

It is imperative that you know your employee rights in order to ensure equal treatment and fairness in the workplace. As a public employee, you have rights that are granted through your union contract, state and federal law, and workplace policies. UPE's staff and member-leaders have fought tirelessly throughout the years to expand and protect these rights.

Some of these rights include proper representation during an investigatory meeting pertaining to a disciplinary matter. Your rights to Family Medical Leave Act, American Disabilities Act and sick/vacation leave request/usage. A change of policy that impacts your current working conditions prescribed under the MOU and or government code. All of this matters and we will educate you through this process.

To that end, we are developing a series of short, easy-to-read summaries of many of your employment rights. More summaries will be added to this website over the coming months. Always feel free to ask your Steward and or your Business Representative about your employment rights and how they apply to your specific circumstances. In most cases, your employer is not required to inform you of your rights.





008 – Meet & Confer Update

CPS Proposes Changes to Medical Neglect Review Team Policy

May 13, 2021

On May 12, 2021, UPE and DCFAS met once again to discuss the proposed changes to the Medical Neglect Review Team Policy. Despite our previous request for more data, the department came unprepared to discuss why the changes are necessary. No data was presented. The department simply reiterated their previous position but failed to answer what was driving the changes, as well as failing to consider alternatives to decrease the workload impact. UPE could not agree to the proposed changes.

UPE once again requested data that supports these changes. UPE also requested County Counsel joins the next meeting to discuss our concerns regarding department jurisdiction on unsubstantiated referrals. UPE and the Department will meet again the first week of June.



Meet & Confer Update

Calabrio Call Recording for Senior and Adult Services

June 1, 2021

     On June 1, 2021, UPE and DCFAS met to discuss the implementation of Calabrio Call Recording capacity in Senior and Adult Services (SAS). The new feature will be added to all incoming calls in both IHSS and APS. CPS currently has this feature. The Department shared that the purpose of the recording capacity would be for training purposes and to verify claims of upset callers. The installation will apply to cisco desk phones only, not County cells phones.

     UPE had numerous questions regarding the purpose and intent of the new feature. UPE raised concerns around; security, recording disclaimer, access to the recordings, and how the recordings would be used later. Additionally, UPE raised concerns regarding the time frame of each call. The Department confirmed there is no specific time frame allotted for each call, but the Department may address patterns of excessively long calls on a case-by-case basis for training purposes. If the situation should arise where there is a concern with a call, workers will have the opportunity to hear the call.

     There were several additional questions UPE raised that the Department was unable to answer. The Department will follow with IT, and a subsequent meeting will be scheduled to discuss their responses.  UPE will continue to keep you posted. Thank you to our members Paula Brown, Summer Rife, and Felicia Solorzano for their participation.



Merced County HSA Proposed Operations Directive Changes

May 28, 2021

     United Public Employees recently received notification from Merced County Human Services Agency of proposed changes in several of their Operations Directives. A Meet & Confer was scheduled for May 28th.  Lisa Sykes, a Merced Unit 3 Governing Board Member, and job site Steward at HSA, was asked to review the proposed changes, and prepare questions to present to County staff at the May 28th Meet & Confer.

HSA Proposed Changes to the 10 following Operations Directives;

#3 Overtime

#4 Visitors

#7 Copy Center Services

#20 EEO

#23 Forms

#33 Receipt of Merchandise

#40 Property Inventory Control

#49 Legislative Programs

#60 Outside Employment

#74 Workplace Privacy 

     After careful review of the proposed Directive changes...

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005 DCFAS Return to Work Plan

May 26, 2021

UPE and DCFAS met on May 26, 2021, to discuss the Department’s return to work plan.  The Department intends to reopen all DCFAS lobbies June 15, 2021, with the exception of one Watt Avenue location. Staff who currently support those lobbies will continue to do so on a rotating basis. The Department also intends to roll back changes that were implemented under the emergency COVID procedures, including telework.

UPE immediately questioned why the Department was ending telework when it has been working successfully for both the workers and the Department.  The Department claims their intention is not to end telework but to...


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Update-DHA Open Lobby Bureaus: County Proposes

CalWORKs Intake Service Center Model

May 14, 2021 

UPE met again with the DHA regarding their proposed CalWorks Intake Service Center model in open-lobby bureaus. UPE had previously submitted numerous questions regarding impacts on intake, homeless, and the CSR functions. On several UPE questions, DHA requested clarification. UPE then provided clarification. At first, DHA said that CSR’s would not process intakes for client walk-ins, then said only on rare occasions. DHA further added that CSR’s would examine client walk-in documents and...            

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ATTENTION UPE Unit 3 Members

If you are interested in being a part of the labor movement by advocating to improve working conditions, upholding workplace rights, and helping better the lives of your union brothers and sisters, then now is the time to put your passion into action!

Your Union is seeking to fill a vacancy on the Merced Unit 3 Governing Board.

Here are some examples and requirements of the Governing Board responsibilities: 

  •  Negotiating the policies and procedures with the departments in which our members work for Merced County.
  •  Serving on the negotiation team.
  • Attending monthly board meetings (second Tuesday of each month @ 5:30 p.m., currently via virtual meeting)
  • Attending Meet & Confers (currently via virtual meeting)
  • Opportunities to participate in social and political union activities. 

If you’re interested in filling this vacancy, please submit your interest, which states your reasons for wanting to serve, to info@upe1.org by Monday, June 7th, and attend the upcoming virtual meeting on Tuesday, June 8th at 5:30 p.m.

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Jennifer Oliver at Oliver@upe1.org or call the union office @ 916-736-9503.



 Acting Supervisor DHA

May 13, 2021

            UPE and DHA met and conferred on April 29, 2021, regarding the Department’s plan to codify and standardize the procedure for selecting Acting Supervisors.  The Department’s plan would base selection off of County seniority. Each Bureau would maintain their own lists with most open-lobby bureaus having different lists for each unit/function and the service centers would be using larger lists based solely on function. The Department outlined criteria by which workers forego...

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UPE Featured in the Sacramento News & Review! 

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Read how UPE steps in to advocate for members when they need them the most.  

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UPE Members of the Quarter!


   UPE Recognizes & Appreciates Your Support! 

Not Pictured: Yashoda Reddy, Angela Ortega, Amber Guerro, Andrii Beresnev, Angela Soltero, Andy Lee, Phyllis Duarte-Lowe, Tamra Williams-Jordan, Dana Somera, Michele Brashear, Charles Severance, Maria Angel, Christina Zepeda 

Cynthia Raley, Loretta Christian, Donna Seese, Angel Atilano, Angel Williams, Angela Horper, Michael Meraz, Nancy Wallace 

Lona Bradford, Catherine Hamilton, Angela Howard, Angelica Avalos, Angelique Reyes, Christina Tapia-Cortinas, Lissa Hernandez, Marie Sims, Tiffany Shende Bargas, Romellia Alcaraz, Donna Helms, Dori Aros     

Dao-Nhan Lien, Chiou Saelee, Jolene Caton, Ann Manisap, Ann Tran, Anna Nerdinskaya, Kent Sandoval, Jonathan Caporgno



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Join UPE - the largest independent public sector union in Sacramento County - as we fight for livable wages and fair contracts for our members and their families.
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 These trainings are for any member who is interested in learning more about their rights and how to make a difference in their workplace. Stewards meet the third Thursday of each month:
In-Person Meetings Suspended Until Further Notice
UPE Office - 9333
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Please RSVP info@upe1.org
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2021 Stewards Training Schedule


June 2021 

All Board Meetings Conducted via ZOOM 

Weds, June 2 - 005 Office Tech Board Meeting, 6 p.m. 

Thurs, June 3 - Sutter Board Meeting, 12 p.m. 

Tues, June 8 - Court Professional Board Meeting, 12 p.m. 

Tues, June 8 - Merced Board Meeting, 5:30 p.m. 

Tues, June 8 - 008 Board Meeting, 6 p.m. 

Thurs, June 10 - COT Board Meeting, 6 p.m.

Tues, June 15 - Board of Directors Meeting, 6 p.m. 

Thurs, June 17 - Yuba Board Meeting, 12 p.m. 

9333 Tech Center Drive, #300 • Sacramento, CA  95826

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