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Announcing the United Public Employees Scholarship


The UPE Board of Directors is proud to announce the 2nd Annual United Public Employees Scholarship competition.  Open to UPE members’ families, the program offers four $1500 scholarships to help with college expenses. 

The scholarships are a first of their kind for UPE and are a part of the Union’s renewed efforts to give back to our members.  As a wholly independent union, UPE is now able to reinvest all member dues back into its members whether in the form of representation, negotiations, or member appreciation programs such as the Scholarship. 

UPE Scholarship Logo.jpg

Rick Reeve (005) a member of the Board of Directors said he was “proud UPE is offering these scholarships to deserving students.” He continued, “We recognize the personal and financial challenges our members and their families go through every day. I am excited that these scholarships are being made available in our first year as a member-run independent union. You have entrusted us to fight for your rights and we are investing in you or your family members, who one day, will continue the fight for employee rights and wages."


Applications must be postmarked by June 11, 2018 and winners will be notified in July.  As a part of the application, those applying must complete a 500 word essay; include THREE letters of reference; and transcripts. 

Winners will be announced in July 2018.   

2018 UPE Scholarship Application



2018 Candidate Endorsements
United Public Employees is proud to endorse the following candidates in the upcoming June Election!
Phil Serna for Sacramento County Board of Supervisors District 1
Patrick Kennedy for Sacramento County Board of Supervisors District 2
Don Nottoli for Sacramento County Board of Supervisors District 5
Noah Phillips for Sacramento District Attorney
Learn more about Noah and donate to his campaign at his website.
Kate Van Buren for Sacramento County Assessor
Visit her website to learn more about Kate and donate to her campaign. 



Bargaining Update

008 Welfare Non-Supervisory

May 23, 2018 

Greetings, Union Sisters and Brothers.

Your 008 Bargaining Team met with the County on May 23, 2018 for the 8th session of this negotiation cycle.  Your team took up where we left off two weeks ago, explaining to County management that hundreds of our members work in classifications, programs or functions requiring enhanced skill sets for which they are not compensated.  Eventually we stopped talking and told the County that it is ridiculous for the union to have to put on a “Dog and Pony Show” to explain to County managers about the hard, demanding jobs of the people who work for them, while the managers sit there pretending they don’t know there’s a problem.  The County team left the room, but when they came back they put a little more money on the table:  a slightly improved County proposal on COLAs (Cost Of Living Adjustments).  There are only three negotiation days scheduled before the contract expires 6 weeks from now.  We all need to talk about what we are willing to do to make the Board of Supervisors understand that they must pay their workers a fair wage for the incredibly difficult work they do.  An 008 Bargaining Action Committee meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, June 19, 2018 at 6:00pm at the UPE office at 9333 Tech Center Drive #300.  Plans will be made.  You need to be there.  Wear your red shirts.




Negotiations Update

Court Office-Technical Unit

May 18, 2018


Today we met with the Court’s team and were introduced to the Court’s new Chief Negotiator:  Adel Nadji, from the Judicial Council.  Mr. Nadji stated that he is contracted on behalf of the Sacramento Superior Court, not Judicial Council.


We formalized the ground rules and agreed to bargaining dates through August.


We look forward to negotiating a fair and equitable contract that rewards our members for their continued hard work and sacrifice. 


It is our honor to represent you. 

COURT OFFICE TECHNICAL BARGAINING TEAM:  Brooke Ryan, Jean Smart, Bonnie Loriga, Nancy Wallace, Geri Bradford-Hill, Tammi Boxer, Shawn Boxer, Stan Njugu, Suzette Cade, Andrea Howard, Paul McGee


Bargaining Update

Office-Technical Unit 005

May 16, 2018


Your Negotiations Team met with the County and presented information to justify raises and differentials for our members.  One study we submitted compared a minimum livable wage to various clerical wages and showed that any family combination which included at least one child puts our members 18-48% below a livable wage.  The County resisted all efforts to provide any raises based upon the actual cost of living in the Sacramento area.  The County only cares about attracting and maintaining workers, not keeping up with the unique issues our member’s need.  In effect, they are fine with competing with the minimum wage market.

Your Board also presented a proposal to give a 5% differential to members working at the Boys Ranch, who are now located at Juvenile Hall.  The County stated the original 5% was for travel costs.  UPE argued that it is for a 5% safety.  During these talks, UPE discovered the typical safety differential at probation is 15%.  The County does not understand our members face life-threatening danger in these positions and should be compensated.  The County came back with NO counter proposals to anything UPE presented in the prior meeting.  UPE will present additional information supporting salary increases at the next meeting.

The next BAC meeting has been scheduled for June 6th @ 6:00pm at UPE headquarters.



UPE Joins Forces with the Sacramento Central Labor Council


UPE is very excited to announce our partnership with the Sacramento Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO (SCLC).  Learn More


Thursday, May 17 - Stewards Training 6:00pm @ UPE

Tuesday, May 22 - UPE Board of Directors meeting 6:00 pm @ UPE 

Wednesday, June 6 - 005 Office Technical Unit meeting 6:00 pm @ UPE

Tuesday, June 12 - 008 Welfare Non-Supervisory Unit meeting 6:00 pm @ UPE

Tuesday, June 12  - Merced County Unit 3 Board Meeting 5:30 pm at 2222 M Street, Merced,  CA 95340

Tuesday, June 12 - Court Professionals Unit meeting 12:00 pm @ FRC 

Thursday, June 14 - Court Office Technical Unit Meeting 6:00 pm @ UPE 





Join UPE - the largest independent public sector union in Sacramento County - as we fight for livable wages and fair contracts for our members and their families.
Together We Are Strong!


 These trainings are for any member who is interested in learning more about their rights and how to make a difference in their workplace. Stewards meet the third Thursday of each month:
UPE Office - 9333
Tech Center Drive
Sacramento, CA 95826
Please RSVP info@upe1.org
or call our office 916-736-9503
2018 Steward Training Schedule

United Public Employees
9333 Tech Center Drive, #300
Sacramento, CA  95826
Phone: 916-736-9503
Fax: 916-736-9506



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