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Fifth Annual

United Public Employees Scholarship


Applications must be postmarked by May 31, 2021.  As a part of the application, those applying must complete a minimum 500-word essay, include three letters of reference and transcripts.

Scholarship recipients will be awarded at the June 15, 2021. Board of Directors meeting. 

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UPE Now Offers Free Notary Services to UPE Members

To schedule an appointment, please call the office at (916) 736-9503, and ask to schedule an appointment with Sydney.

New 2021 Covid Supplemental Paid Sick Leave

     California has adopted a new “Covid-19 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave” statute. SB 95 will go into effect on March 29, and is significantly broader in scope than the emergency paid sick leave provided by federal law that expired in December 2020, and is also more generous than California’s prior supplemental paid sick leave statute that also expired at the end of 2020. The new law applies to public and private employers of more than 25 employees nationwide, so long as at least one employee works in California, and requires them to provide a new allotment of “Supplemental Paid Sick Leave” (SPSL) between January 1, 2021, and September 30, 2021, for specific purposes.

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Negotiations Update


Ratification Results

On Wednesday March 17, 2021, the Unit 3 membership overwhelmingly voted to accept the contract extension with a 3% salary increase. The amendment will go to the Board of Supervisors on April 6, 2021, for final approval.

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If you are interested in being part of the labor movement, in being an advocate for the working class, to be at the table during negotiations, to improve the working conditions and help better the lives of your union sisters and brothers. Then now is the time to put your passion in action.

Your Union is seeking to fill two (2) vacancies in Chapter 1 (Office Assistants, Sr. Office Assistants) and two (2) vacancies in Chapter 2 of the 005 UPE Office-Technical Governing Board. Chapter 2 encompasses all members in all of the classifications in the UPE 005 Office Technical bargaining unit except for Office Assistant and Sr. Office Assistant. Here are some examples and requirements of what the Governing Board is responsible for:

• Negotiating the policies and procedures with the departments in which our members work at for Sacramento County;

• Serving as the negotiation team;

• Attending monthly board meetings (first Wednesday of each month at 6:00 p.m., currently via virtual meeting);

• Attending Meet & Confers (currently via virtual meeting); and

• Opportunities to participate in social and political union activities.

If you’re interested in filling one of these vacancies, please submit your interest, that states your reasons for wanting to serve, to info@upe1.org by April 6, 2021, and attend the upcoming virtual meeting on Wednesday, April 7, at 6:00 p.m.

If you have any question please contact Ms. Jennifer Oliver at Oliver@upe1.org or call the union office 916.736.9503.


UPE Secures Vaccine Release Time for all Sacramento County Employees

     As workers are all aware, COVID-19 vaccines are now available for workers based on age, medical condition and, in some cases, job function with the County.  From the beginning, UPE proposed that the County pay for workers to get vaccinated.  First, the County agreed to cover 2 hours of paid time for workers being vaccinated through a County arranged clinic.  This was a good start, but not enough. 

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DCSS Expansion of Call Recording 

     UPE met with DCSS management to discuss the expansion of call recording. The department had gone to recording calls in 2016, and it seemed to be a better tool to use than having supervisors jumping onto the call to listen in. Since this system was implemented, UPE is not aware of any disciplinary actions that have come from calls that were recorded, and the department assures us that is not the intent. Rather, it is a better tool to help workers with improving customer service. Now that we are living with COVID, and the department is allowing remote work schedules to reduce the number of workers in the building, they want to expand recording to those working remotely.

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Know Your Rights

It is imperative that you know your employee rights in order to ensure equal treatment and fairness in the workplace. As a public employee, you have rights that are granted through your union contract, state and federal law, and work place policies. UPE's staff and member-leaders have fought tirelessly throughout the years to expand and protect these rights.

Some of these rights include proper representation during an investigatory meeting pertaining to a disciplinary matter. Your rights to Family Medical Leave Act, American Disabilities Act, and sick/vacation leave request/usage. A change of policy that impacts your current working conditions prescribed under the MOU and or government code. All of this matters and we will educate you through this process.

To that end, we are developing a series of short, easy-to-read summaries of many of your employment rights. More summaries will be added to this website over the coming months. Always feel free to ask your Steward and or your Business Representative about your employment rights and how they apply to your specific circumstances. In most cases, your employer is not required to inform you of your rights.


UPE Featured in the Sacramento News & Review!

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Read how UPE steps in to advocate for members when they need them the most.  

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UPE Members of the Quarter


   UPE Recognizes & Appreciates Your Support! 

Not Pictured: Yashoda Reddy, Angela Ortega, Amber Guerro, Andrii Beresnev, Angela Soltero, Andy Lee, Phyllis Duarte-Lowe, Tamra Williams-Jordan, Dana Somera, Michele Brashear, Charles Severance, Maria Angel, Christina Zepeda 

Cynthia Raley, Loretta Christian, Donna Seese, Angel Atilano, Angel Williams, Angela Horper, Michael Meraz, Nancy Wallace 

Lona Bradford, Catherine Hamilton, Angela Howard, Angelica Avalos, Angelique Reyes, Christina Tapia-Cortinas, Lissa Hernandez, Marie Sims, Tiffany Shende Bargas, Romellia Alcaraz, Donna Helms, Dori Aros     



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If you need assistance contact the union office 916-736-9503 or email info@upe1.org.


Join UPE - the largest independent public sector union in Sacramento County - as we fight for livable wages and fair contracts for our members and their families.
Together We Are Strong!


 These trainings are for any member who is interested in learning more about their rights and how to make a difference in their workplace. Stewards meet the third Thursday of each month:
In-Person Meetings Suspended Until Further Notice
UPE Office - 9333
Tech Center Drive
Sacramento, CA 95826
Please RSVP info@upe1.org
or call our office 916-736-9503
2021 Stewards Training Schedule


All Board Meetings Conducted Via GoToMeeting

Weds, Apr. 7 - 005 Office Tech Board Meeting, 6:00 p.m. via GoToMeeting

Thurs, Apr. 8 - COT Board Meeting, 6:00 p.m. via GoToMeeting

Tue, Apr. 13 - Court Professional Board Meeting, 12:00 p.m. via GoToMeeting

Tue, Apr. 13 - Merced Board Meeting, 5:30 p.m. via GoToMeeting

Tue, Apr. 13 - 008 Board Meeting, 6:00 p.m. via GoToMeeting

Thurs, Apr. 15 - Yuba Board Meeting, 6:00 p.m. via GoToMeeting

Thurs, Apr. 15 - Stewards Training, 6:00 p.m. via GoToMeeting

Tues, Apr. 20 - Board of Directors Meeting, 6:00 p.m. via GoToMeeting 

9333 Tech Center Drive, #300 • Sacramento, CA  95826

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