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005 Bargaining Update
February 21, 2018

Greetings Union Sisters and Brothers:

The 005 contract is due to expire on June 30, 2018. The 005 Negotiations Team and the County met on February 21, 2018 to discuss ground rules and preparations for the upcoming bargaining sessions. The next scheduled session is set for March 7, 2018. Now is the time for us all to pull together and show the County we are unified.
Now is the time to provide your input for benefits, wages, and equitable treatment.
Now is the time to show our strength.

If you have ideas for proposals you would like the 005 Negotiations Team to review and assess those proposals, Now Is The Time.

You can send your proposals to your assigned Business Agents and they will ensure the Negotiations Team receives your suggestions, ideas, and proposals.

To begin receiving direct e-mail updates and action calls from UPE, please click on the Stay Connected Link Below.

Stay Connected

In the near future, an announcement will be made as to when the first BAC (Bargaining Action Committee) meeting will be held at the UPE office located at:

United Public Employees
9333 Tech Center Drive Ste 300
Sacramento, CA 95826
008 Bargaining Update
February 14, 2018

Greetings Union Sisters and Brothers.

It's that time again. The 008 contract will expire on June 30, 2018, and preliminary contract negotiations have begun. Your 008 Bargaining Team met with the County on February 14, 2018, and discussed ground rules for bargaining. The next bargaining session will be on February 28, 2018.

Your input is essential to the bargaining process, where your pay, benefits and worker protections are fought for at the table by your team and by you (the members) at your worksites. If you have not already completed an 008 Bargaining Survey, please do so now by clicking on the link below. Individual responses are held confidential, but you must include your name to preserve the integrity of the survey.

008 Bargaining Survey

To begin receiving direct e-mail updates and action calls from UPE, please click here to Stay Connected with UPE.

All 008 UPE members are encouraged to attend the first 008 BAC (Bargaining Action Committee) meeting on Tuesday, March 13, 2018 at 6:00 pm at the UPE Office.

United Public Employees
9333 Tech Center Drive Ste 300
Sacramento, CA 95826


Unit 3 Members Speak to the Board of Supervisors

Negotiations Team Introduces Base Wage Increase Proposals

Last week, UPE Unit 3 members spoke to the Board of Supervisors during the public comment section requesting a livable wage. These members spoke about the economic struggles our clerical employees have endured, including some who have had to seek aide while being employed as Merced County employees.

A very powerful message to the Board of Supervisors! We hope they heard us loud and clear. Unit 3 employees need a livable wage not a 1% base wage increase!

Hear the stories for yourself at on our YouTube page.  

A few days after speaking at the Board of Supervisors meeting, UPE and Merced County met on February 1, 2018 for yet another negotiation session. UPE introduced wage proposals that include 1) a 2.5% base wage increase for a one-year contract or 2) a base wage increase based on the annual CPI (Consumer Price Index) for a three-year contract.

The County negotiation team will be going back to the Board of Supervisors (the next meeting is February 6th) with our proposals and to receive direction.

UPE will meet again with the County on February 13, 2018 for another bargaining session. We will keep you updated.

A union’s power comes from the collective strength of its members!

Please email Angel Barajas at Barajas@upe1.org to get involved!

UPE Court Office-Technical Bargaining Unit Members

Your UPE Negotiating Team is asking for your input on upcoming contract negotiations. Your input is very IMPORTANT. The proposals presented to the Court negotiations team will be derived from your responses. What issues are most important to you? What are you willing to fight for?

We are using an online survey.  To receive a link to the survey, please contact your Business Agent or a Court Office Technical Board Member.  


UPE Joins Forces with the Sacramento Central Labor Council

UPE is very excited to announce our partnership with the Sacramento Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO (SCLC).  Learn More


Tuesday, February 13 - 008 Welfare Non-Supervisory Unit meeting 6:00 pm @ UPE

Tuesday, February 13  - Merced County Unit 3 Board Meeting 5:30 pm at 2222 M Street, Merced, CA 95340

Tuesday, February 13 - Court Professionals Unit meeting 12:00n @ FRC 

Tuesday, February 19 - Presidents Day - OFFICE CLOSED

Tuesday, February 27 - UPE Board of Directors meeting 6:00 pm @ UPE 

Wednesday, March 7 - 005 Office Technical Unit meeting 6:00 pm @ UPE

Thursday, March 8 - Court Office Technical Unit Meeting 6:00 pm @ UPE






Join UPE - the largest independent public sector union in Sacramento County - as we fight for livable wages and fair contracts for our members and their families.
Together We Are Strong!


 These trainings are for any member who is interested in learning more about their rights and how to make a difference in their workplace. Stewards meet the third Thursday of each month:
UPE Office - 9333
Tech Center Drive
Sacramento, CA 95826
Please RSVP info@upe1.org
or call our office 916-736-9503
2018 Steward Training Schedule

United Public Employees
9333 Tech Center Drive, #300
Sacramento, CA  95826
Phone: 916-736-9503
Fax: 916-736-9506



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